Desktop effects disappeared from system settings?

Is there any rationale behind the disappearance of desktop effects such as wobbly window, magic lamp and transparent window switch, etc. I was just messing around with conky and after that some of these beautiful desktop effects stopped working.

And when I checked desktop effects in system settings they are unavailable. Any suggestion will be a great help.

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Go to System Settings, then Display Configuration, then Compositor and see if there's a message there about Compositor having crashed and you have to click on something to re-enable it. If it doesn't get re-enabled, try making a change to "Allow applications to block compositing" and Apply. If this doesn't fix it, try pressing Ctrl+Alt+F12 but be advised [!] that it can crash the system (it crashes mine) and you have to Ctrl+Alt+Del then to restart.

But again, this should work:
1. System Settings
2. Display Configuration
3. Compositor
4. See the warning and respond to it there.


Thanks for the reply. But still alt+tab window switcher does not work.

Reconfigure related shortcuts.


It shouldn't crash it, it should just switch to TTY without a shell (black screen with a blinking cursor). To get back you can just go to TTY1 with Ctrl+Alt+F1

The problem is, it's the wrong shortcut. :slight_smile:

The default "Suspend Compositing" shortcut on Plasma is Shift+Alt+F12. Hit it twice to disable and enable compositing.


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