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hello. i just recently downloaded garuda for gaming. pleased so far but i have a couple of questions. is there a tutorial for configuring to get the most out of my computer. also, i'm running plasma because i like it but would another, lighter de be better for performance? I'm a big Borderlands fan and have had no issues playing them up to 3. 3 is lagging about to the point its unplayable. My laptop (see below) is definitely on the lower end when it comes to gaming but it's what i got So, any tips or tweaks would be appreciated.

Garuda DR460NIZED
Laptop: HP15-dy2xxx
CPU: Intel 11th gen i5 2.8GHz
GPU: Intel Iris (integrated)

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First of all, downgrade libx11 using

sudo downgrade libx11

to version 1.8.2

I don't know, it was a bug in 1.8.3 might have been fixed in 1.8.4, but I am not sure because do not have time to test tbh.

And also, for better performance, just go to Garuda Assistant > settings and enable all the performance tweaks and apply.

Lower game settings all the way down and use Proton-GE. Don't expect it to work magic if you are below system requirements.

I'm not really. I realize what i have isnt great. hell, it aint even good where gaming is concerned but like the op said, its what i got for now so I'm trying to get everything I can out of it. Thanks, I'm using experimental right now. I'll give GE a try

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Since you are already on KDE, when you are gaming try turning off the compositor with shift+alt+F12. Your desktop won't look as nice, but it really makes a huge difference - I can get near 60fps on some games with it disabled, and many highly demanding programs like Blender work so much faster with it off. ^^


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