Deleting fedora

If you've read my previous post I would like to switch to Garuda. Before that, to start of my Linux experience I tried to dual boot my laptop onto Fedora 34. It did not go to planned, my keyboard, track pad and touchscreen on my surface laptop 3 stuffed up because Microsoft doesn't pre install drivers on Linux, Fedora didn't display battery life and I just don't like Fedora 34 in general due to lack of features and customisation. In short I would like to get rid of Fedora in my system, however my system doesn't allow me to re-expand my windows storage as I need remove this "Healthy EFI system partition". Does someone know how to remove it in order to fix up my storage?

As well as that every few times I re boot into Windows from Fedora windows makes me type in a bit locker key which is such a pain. When install Garuda linux, I'm sure windows will still bother me for the bit locker key whenever I need to use it. Does someone know how to disable it?


Post the output of sudo fdisk -l, so we can understand the partitions on your laptop.

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Sorry I can't do that as I have already deleted Fedora from my system, the problem I am facing is moving the empty storage from Fedora back to windows

Better to ask Microsoft, or else, Fedora. As you want to increase storage in Windows, Microsoft Support maybe better.


Disk Management