Deleted All Snapshots, Cannot Boot or Use Grub

Soooo I am completely aware I did something very dumb by accident: I deleted everything in the timeshift directory :cry: I can't boot the OS or use the console from grub, it just doesn't load. Is it possible for me to recover, or will I have to start fresh? It wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's just not ideal.

Try booting into live medium and reinstalling grub.


It doesn't seem to be working, but I don't mind reinstalling honestly :slight_smile:

Also install:



Once it's broken from removing all the snapshots it's broken. I like from time to time removing all snapshots, creating a fresh one. I ran into the above issue under AcroLinux. Not sure where the issue lies but I do know it's no a OS specific issue.

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I have removed all my snapshots at once three or four times recently @MediaMogul. I have not suffered any breakages from this. However, I make sure I perform a btrfs balance as soon as I remove the snapshots. I have not experienced any problems from deleting all the timeshift snapshots at once.

If others have found this occurred please pipe in.


But they deleted everything in the timeshift directory not just the snapshots, that is most likely why.

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Yes, the OP did that (which is obviously not the correct method). I was simply curious if @MediaMogul had removed the snapshots in the correct manner through timeshift and had problems. This has drifted a little off topic as it is likely a different scenario from the OP's situation.

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Strike while the iron's hot - it's a good Q. (interested meself)

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Don't be so hard on yourself, I think I was wrong once! :rofl:

No through the iron in the lava the turn the iron on.

*Throw (stupid autocorrect.)

No the only thing I did was launch Timeshift and remove the snapshots from there, and then create a fresh snapshot. Now both times were on AcroLinux which to be honest I'm about to drop like a hot potato.