Default docker is gone, panel is working now, how to get back default docker?

please help me to solve it.

Try with Garuda assistant, resetting default settings for latte, then log off and log on again.


okay, let me try, i'll let you know what happened.

it's back again. can you please tell me how to lock it? i don't wanna lose it again...Thanks

I don't think there is a way to "lock" It.
Sometimes it happens to me too, especially after latte-dock updates.
I don't customize the dock much, and keep a note of my settings.
Maybe you could also try to simply restart latte, but only with the reset you're basically sure to solve your issues...

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Thank You Sooooo Much :blush:

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There is also a configuration file that you may want to backup, if you make a lot of customization to the dock.
I'm on the mobile in this moment and cannot check. Probably in


Thanks a lot :heart:

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The chattr command can lock a configuration file to prevent it from being altered (even by root).

Although, I'm not sure if that's really a method you'd want to implement in this case. I guess you could also write a pacman hook that would overwrite the Latte configuration file with the one you prefer upon any latte update. This presupposes some minor scripting knowledge and the usage of Pacman hooks. It's really not that complicated to learn though (if you want to investigate that method).


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