Default Applications?

Forgive me for being dense, but where do i set the default applications? I have Librewolf installed and it says it's the default browser but if I click on a http/https link in anything outside of Librewolf it gives the following error:

Any clue how to fix this?

Try updating or killing librewolf process

Edit .profile
Oops, a pic for 2 sentence I cant read :slight_smile:


That treats the symptom, but doesn't cure the disease. It fixes the issue for that click, but it returns with the next click.

UPDATE: This only occurs if the browser was started before the link is opened. If you click the link and it opens the browser, it behaves normally.

I suppose this looks like a anything outside of Librewolf issue.
The starting application controls the way the link is started.
Setting default browser seems fine (from system), since the link is asking for Librewolf.
Check all possible apps about this and narrow down the source.


For the record, Chromium behaves normally except it keeps asking to be the default browser. Still can't find the default application panel.


IDK what the problem, always a translation problem, I think.

mimeapps.list still said firefox.desktop for everything. I edited the file.

See also ~/.profile, just a try :slight_smile:

What exactly is your real problem, that you are looking for a solution?
Do you want to fix the error message for Librewolf, or change default browser/applications?

In relation to what?
Please, use descriptive technical terminology ( as much as possible), or we are making this a personal diary. :man_shrugging:


With the Chromium browser, links clicked in other applications did not cause any error messages unlike Librewolf/Firedragon. I was testing to see if this was an issue with Librewolf/Firedragon or with the Sway configuration. In a VM I have of EndeavourOS Sway, none of these issues occur with any browser.

And what was the result of this testing?
You sill post like it is a personal diary.
Either provide technical info and list what exactly you have tested, or this topic will close. (Just because it goes nowhere)


You may close this.