Dead characters overlapping in Librewolf

Hey there,
since a recent update, Librewolf types characters like ` in the same spot when typing into the url and other browser textboxes, but also some on websites like github, where this behaviour shows in the editor (really annoying there)

I'd like to disable this behaviour (Probably just an about:config option), but I have no clue what to search for. I don't know what this is called nor did I find anything with a paraphrased description.

Any ideas?

Is it only in the browser? Your keymap for those characters seems correct in the terminal or Libre Office for example?

yeah, it's only a problem in the browser. This is not even possible anywhere else.


As the search suggestions show, these are multiple ยด overlapping over each other while the cursor is placed to the left, when it's actually typing to the right. Typing one character which accepts an accent just gives that one character a mega accent and none to the following ones