DarkBlue/LIghtBlue(Space Colors) Themed version of Dragonized KDE for garuda linux

Many people love using the dragonized edition for KDE so they might as well add a BLUE themed version for it :slight_smile:

Maybe, tastes are tastes, but for me the dragon has only one color :star_struck:


You can theme Garuda any colors you want.


Oh? how so? I'm new to GNU and KDE in general

Go to system settings and just play around.
KDE is so full of possibilities.
Get some acquintance also with Latte.
If something goes wrong and you cannot get back, you can start from scretch with the reset default config settings in the Garuda Assistant.
Personal tip: take note of what you change


All the information you desire


Har har har har har! I love the website's name, LMGTFY. (It's about damn time.)

Gee, let me guess what that stands for. :rofl:

You're a wicked, wicked person...and I'll bet you're not a damn bit sorry for sharing that link.

Well done!



This only took a few changes out of the box:

  • Under appearance, changing color to KvCyan, changing application style to Breeze.
  • Changing Konsole profile colorscheme to Blue on Black, customizing to add transparency and more blueness.
  • Changing Firedragon theme to a blue one from the Firefox store (there are thousands).
  • Changing Kate colorscheme to Radical.
  • A matching @SGS Wallpaper, how not!?

Dr460nized is so versatile. Play around! Make it the way you want :dragon: :dragon_face:


Well after reinstalling Garuda Linux about 5 times. Here is the end result!
(I can't post images :frowning: )

But I really got it to look like something I wanted it to look like. Again thank you all for the support!


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