Daily Updates

So I switched from Manjaro to Garuda about 2 weeks ago. Garuda seems to have updates daily while Manjaro could sometimes go a week before any packages had updates. That to me shows that the Garuda team is a LOT more actively updating/working on Garuda than Manjaro and it's quite awesome. Keep up the great work Garuda team! This distro rocks!


The difference is due to the fact that we rely on Arch repos for the majority of our packages (+ we use Chaotic-AUR for some precompiled AUR packages + the Garuda repo for our own packages).
So, as soon as something changes in Arch, we inherit that change.
On the contrary Manjaro uses their own dedicated software branches, rather than relying on those provided by Arch. So packages stay some time in Unstable and Testing, before going into Stable.
We don't have such set-up, in that context we can say we're more "Arch-based".


Well regardless, I have had little to no issues (aside from FanControl) whereas I had all kinds of issues in Manjaro such as packages not wanting to update stating that dependencies were not installed when they were lol


Well, I don't want to get (as always) into polemics or comparison with other distros, but in my opinion this (the problems you mentioned) shows that deviating too much from Arch is at least a risk...


Agreed. Manjaro has become its own entity these days.

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