Ctrl does not register

so i dont know why but i noticed weird behavior in my flavor (garuda, gnome) whenever i press on ctrl nothing happens (like ctrl+c or something) in tor browser for example or even recently in minecraft (so i cant sprint, lol) so any ideas why it is happening? its first time it happens to me

Is CTRL+ALT+F2/F3/F4... working? For me in the live-ISO CTRL+C while copying folders doesn't work, but copying text from terminal by CTRL+SHIFT+C works sometimes. I thought this could be a Wayland's issue (didn't dig into that).

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no i think its related to garuda as i used wayland on vanilla arch and everything was fine and yes it works also it works in copying files but in tor browser and minecraft (these where i tried in) did not work and oh in ungoogled chromium too! (Also im using xorg)

Blind guessing here as I never experienced that, maybe worth a try:

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First thing would be to verify if you have the correct keyboard layout and locale

i do have it yes (it was locate point feature)

Well, it was locate point feature but i wonder why. again i did same setup on vanilla arch and everything was fine (now i can sprint in MC but i love pressing ctrl and see halos come out from my pointer lol) so any way to keep it working and same time do not hurt my shortcuts?

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