CS:GO doesn't open

Hi, i'm new, i need help with CSGO, the game doesn't open but another game with native or proton can run. i have all drivers

First thing: Read all you can - https://www.protondb.com/app/730 to start you.

What symptoms/signs do you have?

See -

and -

And - welcome! :wave:


The game works good in arch linux pure , i dont understand yet why does't works here

Edit: i'm writing wait for me

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โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฅโ•ฌโ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—    Resolution: 1920x1080
โ•’โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—   DE: Plasma 5.21.2
โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•    WM: KWin
โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฌ     ```"โ•œโ•โ•ขโ• โ• โ•ก   WM Theme: Sweet-Dark
โ•’โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฃ,         โ•˜โ• โ•ช    Theme: Sweet [Plasma], Sweet-Dark [GTK2/3]
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,โ•ฌโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• "โ••            Terminal Font: FantasqueSansMono Nerd Font Mono 12
โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—              CPU: Intel i3-8100 (4) @ 3.600GHz
โ•^โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ก              GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
โ•”โ•œ`โ•žโ”˜โ•ขโ•›โ•œ โ•กโ•ขโ• "โ•šโ• โ• โ•œโ•โ”Œโ•žโ•ž"โ•ขโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฃโ•ฉโ•ขโ•ช              Memory: 2938MiB / 7870MiB
โ•œโ•’"   `โ•œ    `      โ•œโ•™โ••  โ””โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ•• โ•žโ•™โ•–
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Just I install the necessary things with the system installer, the system give me all when i installed.

  1. open steam
    2.install CSGO
    3.run like native
    the other games can run, Civilization VI(native) and AimLab(proton).

That's why i don't understand the reason. I didn't nothing for tun those game. Just run like usual

And what is one major difference in your picture (please only post text) and vanilla arch...

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How are you running Steam? Straight-up, through Lutris, with command-line arguments/without?

What research have you done? ProtonDB shows many instances of problems...any like yours?

Etc, etc :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT - if it works on Arch, why this page (which includes CS:GO)


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I don't know what's the different. Just yesterday was my last day with arch, I wanted to use Garuda, I looked and i did a boot for install, normal install the programs, etc, today I've installed, 3 games. CSGO, Civilization VI and Aim Lab, i've start the 3 games, but CSGO is the only game doesn't work

Garuda is not Arch per se, it is based on Arch, but it isn't Arch, completely - Devs will explain better.

EDIT - There ar LOTS of links both in Steam forums and Arch forum for this game. Maybe you were lucky on Arch? In my own case, I see plenty of people running Death Stranding, but me? Nope. I have to fault-diagnose and sort myself.

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i just installed dependences, when i solved something, i save the solution in the bookmarks. but now idk what i must do.

Try with


Launch option or something


Thanks bro <3, thanks everyone, have a nice day or night!

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