Crypto wallet divergence

I've been trying to install Exodus Wallet but I'm not expert enough to do it on konsole, so i ask my friends from community to help-me with a tutorial. Sorry and thanks a lot.

It looks like one of the mods moved your post out of the main forum. The reason that occurred was because we've recently decided we can't support every piece of software in the Linux world on the Garuda forum.

This forum is for Garuda support issues. Having a pile of unrelated posts in the technical help section only serves to drown out legitimate Garuda help requests that require attention.

I apologize, but we've had to adopt this policy as our forum has become very busy in the last few months. All the new users has resulted in floods of new help requests and this has necessitated changing our forum support policies recently.

We have relatively few volunteers to provide support for the massive influx new Garuda users. Changes needed to be made to ensure Garuda help requests are not being snowed under by the volume of threads requesting assistance with issues outside of the projects control.

In the future we would prefer that users brought up issues with 3rd party software (or kernel bugs etc) in that projects upstream support channels. If it is a piece of AUR, software and you are having issues installing, then leave a message for the maintainer on the packages AUR webpage. This helps all users to have the pkgbuild updated by its AUR maintainer. Reporting issues upstream benefits all Linux users (not just yourself), and is the longstanding system for resolving bugs in the Linux world.

We apologize for having to implement this restrictive policy, but the Garuda forum can't possibly provide support for the 40,000+ packages in the AUR, (and all other Linux software in existence).

We are a small project and from now on requests unrelated to Garuda may be culled from the main forum. This is our only recourse to ensure that support for actual Garuda issues are at the top of the list on the Garuda forum. Please seek support for general Linux issues not related to Garuda upstream in the future.

Again apologies, but that's the way things need to be for now. Until we have more forum support volunteers this will remain the forum support policy. This is to ensure Garuda support issues are given the foremost attention and priority on the Garuda forum. Hopefully, we can loosen this policy as the forum picks up more volunteers to assist with forum support issues in the future.

A big shout out and thank you to the new users who've started helping out on the forum of late. Your assistance is greatly appreciated, kudos to you.