Creating FAQ for Garuda - suggest more questions to answer

Im currently working to get a list of FAQs for new users to read :slight_smile:


What are the first steps after installing Garuda Linux?

  • Setting initial mirrorlist
    Open up “Reflector Simple” and make your choices. After testing the servers you will get a fresh mirrorlist.
  • Updating the system
    Its a simple as opening the terminal and typing “sudo pacman -Syu”. You will also find a shortcut to a GUI tool called Pamac in the startmenu which serves the same purpose.
  • Setting the terminal shortcut for updating mirrorlist and system at the same time
    Open the file ~/.zshrc (you can do this via GUI or opening the terminal and typing “micro .zshrc”) and find an alias called “#upd=…”. Remove the “#” and change the options to fit your location and preferences. Now close the editor and type zsh to apply the change.
  • Downloading language packs
    Some applications got language packs which are separated from the main application (Firefox, Libreoffice, etc…). Usually you are required to download them manually however Garuda Linux is shipping the Garuda settings manager for that purpose. You will find a language pack option where you can select which language packs you want to download.
  • Setting the terminal theme
    Garuda Linux is shipping with the Powerlevel10k zsh theme which makes working with the terminal easier. To set it up simply launch the terminal and answer the question of the setup wizard. Make sure to press yes until the actual theme choices pop up (the needed patched font is already included).

Why does logging in not work?

  • The newest packages pam and pambase seem to be buggy still. This can be fixed by downgrading both packages to previous versions.
    Open the terminal and type the following:
    sudo pacman -S downgrade
    sudo downgrade pam (select 1.3.1-2)
    sudo downgrade pambase (selecting 20190105.1-2)
  • Add the packages to /etc/pacman.conf (IgnorePkg = pam pambase), this can be done easily by pressing yes while downgrading
  • Also you can try removing the guest account
    sudo pacman -R systemd-guest-account

Booting the ISO takes ages and wont finish! (I Have NVIDIA Hardware)

  • Select the driver = free option in the bootloaders menu for now. There are some kernel issues which need to be fixed by the developers.

The NetworkManager doesnt start automatically after booting even though its enabled by “sudo systemctl enable --now NetworkManager”?

  • Try editing /etc/nsswitch.conf:
    sudo micro /etc/nsswitch.conf
    Remove “systemd” from the lines containing passwd and group
  • Reboot and have NetworkManager working as expected

A system upgrade broke everything! Panic!

  • No worries.
    Reboot into the bootloader (GRUB) and select “timeshift snapshots”.
    Now boot the last working snapshot by selecting it and pressing enter twice.
  • Once booted open up Timeshift and restore the last working snapshot.
  • Reboot and you are done.

Newly installed applications dont show up in the Wayfire edition!

  • Open the terminal and type killall “wf-panel && wf-panel &” to make them show up without having to restart the pack

How do I change the background in the Wayfire edition?

  • To change the wallpaper we have to edit ~/.config/wf-shell.ini
    micro ~/.config/wf-shell.ini
    Find the line “image” in the [background] block and change the path to match your wallpaper

I have a high resolution monitor and things dont look pretty, what do I do?

  • We have made things easy and added a toggle for HiDPI mode in the Garuda welcome app. Find it in the settings tab!#

How do I take screenshots easily?

  • Most editions ship Flameshot as screenshot utility.
    Print = Screenshot all screenshots
    Print + Shift = Select the area you want to screenshot via drag & drop
    Print + Alt = Only screenshot the window under the cursor

Where do I get answers to questions not answered in this FAQ?

What else would you add to the list? Input please :smiley:


I must say that for English not being your native language your FAQ is extremely well done.

I must apologize that at this stage I’m not of much help. I have just purchased components for a new desktop build that I intend to install Garuda on. Until the last components arrive and I get my computer and internet set up I will be of limited use.

Once my system is setup and I have internet I will be far more able to assist.


Thanks for the feedback. I guess school was useful after all :relaxed:

Thats no problem, take your time and help out once you feel ready to. :pray:


A small tut on how to revert Konsole back to it’s defaults without the graphics would be nice. With my and my roommates eyesight it’s actually annoying. Thanks

Any feedback on which components you have selected? Or is that still awaiting delivery/availability? I always wish I had more excuses to build… :grin:

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How about:
I have two left hands and I prefer to spend my money on wine, women and singing? :slight_smile: :wink:


I like this better:

I have two left hands and prefer to spend my money on Vodka, Computers, and paying others NOT to sing on karaoke night :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

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If you are already a little older, then just that. :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:


It’s mostly for serving media.

I already have an AMD 8 GB graphics card card and 2 Western Digital Red 10 TB drives and I’ve purchased:

Corsair Vengeance LPXAMD 3600 16Gx2

Crucial SATA3 2.5 SSD 120GB

Western Digital Blue SATA3 2.5 SSD 1TB

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 4.2GHz

Gigabyte 750w Gold GM Modular PSU


It’s all going in an:

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO - High Air Flow Test Bench and LAN Box

I will also be installing various hot swap racks in the box.


Nicely spec’ed to purpose! Wondering only why you’d bother with a graphics card - the integrated Vega isn’t bad :grin:

I have like the WD Red drives so far too.


The AMD video card was a recent purchase that was too tight a squeeze in my tight HTPC cases. I may or may not use it in this build. I opted for the integrated video in case I use the dedicated card elsewhere.

My apologies for the derail on this FAQ thread.

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My bad too! Habits are hard to break…


Not a faq question, but an idea to improve faq efficiency for new users.

As Welcome app autostarts by default, I suggest to insert an icon-link to 1st page for the YT video of nico for FAQ at top left, in place of Website.

Alternatively, a link to the list of 1st things to do after installation (this may sound better).