Creating Dock/Panel?

Hi All,

I came across a dock or panel, I believe this is a panel and am trying to replicate but somewhat lost on how to go about it. I currently have the standard Garuda dock. I feel like Id need to remove the current one and create a new one but not sure on specifics, any suggestions?

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You can right-click on the latte-dock (the "Garuda" dock) and click remove to stop using that dock. If you would like to uninstall it altogether:

sudo pacman -Rsu latte-dock

Then reboot.

To set up a (traditional) panel, right click on the desktop -> add panel -> Default Panel.


Here are a few things I noticed:

  • This can be both a Latte Dock and a panel, however reproduction should be easier on a panel because the picture's layout is similar to a regular panel. This is IMO more likely to be a panel.
  • The icon theme is candy. Candy should be preinstalled on Garuda KDE Dragonized.
  • The indicator (ie. The + sign and bar below FireDragon icon) are whatever that comes with Breeze.
  • The Garuda icon on the left is likely to be a launcher.

So in summary, change your icon theme to candy, quit Latte, (right click on any dock and choose quit) add a panel, mark it floating and see how close you are to the picture.


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