Creating a live usb for Windows installation


Hi there,
I know this is an akward question. I am happily running Garuda on 3 machines, bur I need to install Window§ for a work related task on one of them. But I can' t create a functioning live USB disk. I have got the ISO from MS homepage and I try using Etcher for creating the live drive. But it reports that there is no partition table in the ISO and when trying to boot, the boot-menu shows the USB drive, but the pc doesn't boot. Nothing happens.
What can I do?


Try Ventoy.


Use DD to wipe your usb. Create a new partition table. Then try ventoy or etcher.


youve been given the wrong information AUR (en) - woeusb-gui is a installer to write windows using Linux, it works great but is difficult to use if you do not do things correct best to format your stick to ntfs remove or unmount then start woeusb


Are you sure the download completed properly? The Windows download usually stops in the middle. Sometimes at 99% which would be a corrupted or incomplete ISO. I don't know if MS also provides checksums, but if it does, better to check.


Woeusb-gui will create Windows install media from their downloaded ISO. It's in the AUR.


Thank you all. Woeusb-gui does not seem to be available anymore but I was able to create the installation usb with Woeusb command line tool. So, my problem was solved.

What do you mean its still available just installed it again with yay -S woeusb-gui in fact i did it on 2 installs


Um, yes, it is: AUR (en) - woeusb-gui

Glad you got it sorted.


And as usually, when the King is dead...

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