Console eagle profile

hy all,

I understand this might be a bit of a unusual question. With al the technical aspects of linux.
But i was wondering, @ instal i had a sick eagle in the console.
Somewhere after a few instals and restarts it changed to the garuda G.
I know its a strange thing to occupy urself with. But i realy love that eagle console profile.
It gives a whole new feel to the console, a bit less analog :).
tried the profile manager widget and the console itself even has settings to change profile but for some reason i can't seem to find the profile.
Anyone know name of the file, as i can see this is the current profile

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sudo pacman -S neofetch

And answer y to the conflict.

Welcome to the forum!


sweet, tnx for the response and the welcome ;-).
Ill probably be around for a while ^^. Already totaly in love with this distro <3
did the trick btw tnx.


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