Consider not including Firefox addons, or give users choices to add Firefox addons

Heya guys, my name is Anthony, I'm from Indonesia.

I like Garuda Linux, from visual representation (icons, wallpapers etc.) to repository choices, top notch. I want to make Garuda as my daily driver which is currently held by Manjaro.

However I did have frown moment yesterday testing Gnome Lite edition. I personally do not wish developers add some Firefox addons out-of-the-box for whatever reason. I can always remove it but I felt like it was an intrusion. How do I trust this addons? Will it affecting my blablabla account? Since I have Firefox account and almost always sync Firefox account between my devices, new addons not commisioned by myself could become future hassle.

So my feedback is should developers consider not to add new Firefox addons, or give users choices to add Firefox addons. Thanks ya all, good job devs!


Rest by Nico :smiley:


Hey there :wave:
These are preinstalled because it enhances browsing experience by a lot. Some people might not even know about ad blockers so having this preinstalled enhances the general experience of this distro.
Who wants ads? Without an adblocker the internet is polluted by them..
These are what I think are sane defaults to have a good experience :slight_smile:

A note on the trust part: uBlock is straight out of Arch repos, Dark Reader as well and LocalCDNs PKGBUILD is created by me and gets the extension straight from Mozilla, feel free to inspect it :wink:

You can easily remove them btw, with

sudo pacman -Rns garuda-firefox

altough you might need to reinstall firefox after that. Also we already have the option to install additional addons using the setup assistant :slight_smile:


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I agree with all you say. Especially with an opinionated distro :wink:.
OTOH those 3 extensions could be set as optional deps (instead of hard), installed by default during installation and add one more button in Garuda Assistant, that would add/remove the extensions packages :man_shrugging:.
I am really fond of this excellent idea of Garuda, to use the KISS principle that way.