Connected Audio piling up in UI

So i don't know if this is KDE desktop problem or audio but my volume bar looks like this atm

This happened like 3days ago after i did a full system update so i dont know which package is the culprit.
So basically, if i disconnect my bluetooth audio it will persist in the UI.. then another one will be listed if i reconnect the same device.. same thing happens if i connect/reconnect a USB headphone.. it will stack up too along with the previous devices be it bluetooth or not..

Yeah I recon this is some bug it happens with me too. When this starts to happen I can't even change my volume anymore. I found this as a temporary fix

systemctl restart --user pipewire-pulse.socket pipewire.socket wireplumber.service

Just hope that this is fixed upstream quickly.


I thought i cant change the volume too but apparently it's the last entry that is working. still annoying though as the keyboard shortcut for volume is also affected and not working properly.

The last entry is input volume for microphone though. Does this mean your microphone input volume is being mapped to speaker volume now?

Yeah it’s really annoying.

systemctl restart --user pipewire-pulse.socket pipewire.socket wireplumber.service

i’m tagging this as solution. but really we can only hope for a patch in the upstream.


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