Congratulations Garuda the best so far for me

Hello friends, I am a rabid Arch Linux user for the last 3 years, have tried every Arch based distro under the sun, and always came back to Vanilla Arch in couple of hours, I have to say that your distro made me even subscribe to this forum to write this, I think I found something special here and I will be using Garuda exclusively from now on.

If its worth mentioning let me tell you that your vision of the Linux desktop very closely, incredibly close in fact, it resembles my vision of the Linux desktop that I have designed and used with vanilla arch, I couldnt believe it when I saw everything was exactly the way I like it and even better.

Jaime Gianola alias freebebeton



Very cool, so glad you are happy with Garuda.

Welcome to the forum, hope your here for another three years.


Welcome to the forums @freebebeton :wave:

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