Confusion regarding kernels

Greetings Sir !

I have come here on the recommendation of @Bro to get your help.

You know I am a gamer and need the best performance, but I am overwhelmed by the amount of kernel related options to choose from.

Could you please help me choose a right kernel ?


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I’m sure that one of our competent forum members will be able to help out :slight_smile:


I’ve been gaming for years on the Zen kernel. It seems pretty performant, but I’ve only had experience with the LTS or Zen kernels really.
Garuda Dr460nized Gaming and regular edition both use this by default for seemly good reasons :grinning:
Whatever patches the kernel has in place seem to work well.


Unchecked “Solution” mark. Let’s let this run for a little while longer. :smiley: Kayo’s not wrong, but… :wink:

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Perhaps start by using the forums advanced search options. If you input search terms such as “best kernel in:title” you should get some hits.

Remove the in:title option and you should get over 50 search hits. Try other search terms such as “recommended kernel” for lots more hits. The forum’s search engine really helps in avoiding questions that have been answered many times before.


just use zen kernel default from garuda, i’m gaming on garuda all time, and do not have any issues with that kernel, in many games it’s way better than windows


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