Complete fresh install,with an older iso

HI there the systems were running fine but then i missed a few updates.I thought by reinstalling from the original iso the updates would fix the failed to load packages errors.Will i need to download and make a new iso usb please to have the distro updated .

Hi. Do you intend to reinstall the entire system or just update the existing one?
In the first case I'd start from the latest ISO, in the latter you could try to boot to tty, if you can't reach the gui, and update; or you could use also your old ISO, chroot into your system and update


It's always a good idea to use the latest image available when doing a fresh reinstall, especially if a chunky update was your reason to reinstall. If you searched your errors well enough though, it might not be necessary


Download the new updated image and make new LIVE usb and reinstall is much more good based on my experience. But if you can handle and fix it yourself the error update from older image, you free to try and good luck :beers:

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Thankyou i tried that still get failed to update packages but thanks for your reply might try the updated iso.

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Thanks for your reply .Think i will take the easy way out cheers everyone.

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