Command line option boot parameter

The command line option boot parameter input does look customized

Is it a Garuda development, or just lesser known than the typical e for editing?

Anyway: I can backspace to correct mistypes. That alone is not that drastic, but it also uses some obscure keyboard layout that makes inputting the right parameter even more difficult.

Last but not least, does Ctrl + C or D not work
So you can only shut down the device, if you mistype :sweat_smile:

That and Ctrl + V work fine. What do you want D to do? For me, Ctrl + D adds a bookmark option.

It is US English keyboard layout which is found at pretty mıch all distros' bootloaders.
It is annoying indeed.

You are talking about GRUB?

Well, the left arrow key on my keyboard does a K, the down one a M. So idk..

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