Color scheme of syntax highlighting in alacritty

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure it's the good place but I try.

I have a problem with the color of syntax highlighting in alacritty AND zsh.
I explain. In alacritty in fish session the color of my command are good (blue if the command is right and red if the command is wrong)
But with alacritty and zsh all my command are red.
I use the default config of garuda dragonized.

For precision if I use an other terminal instead of of alacritty like Tilix. The color of command are good. So I think it's with ZSH and Alacritty .
Anybody have an idea ?

Thansk a lot

Maybe due to night light colors in Alacritty. :thinking:

Tbh, I myself don't like Alacritty and its theme. I am happy with konsole.

But I am sure that it is related to Alacritty themes / profile.


Thanks for your answer.

it seems strange to me because alacritty (same theme) with fish works fine. It's juste alacritty and zsh.
But I Will try to change the theme tomorow to see.