[Closed]Multiple Garuda instances

In my desire to try the new installation images for Wayfire, I installed on another partition. However, the previous installation seems to now be inaccessible, no matter what I do, it ends up booting the wayfire instance, versus that one that has I3/sway. I'm thinking this is because both are titled 'Garuda' for the boot loader.
Short of booting off a live media and fixing it by rerunning grub (and thus loosing access to the wayfire probably...), what would be the recommended way to deal with this?

This may not be a solution, but there is a good chance that you can direct the boot from the BIOS screen by selecting the boot you wish. My other ideas would all involve using rEFInd, I'm afraid - I gave up on grub interactions a while ago...

Can't find/use the Brtfs snapshots from grub-btrfs.

For me work custom.cfg with UUID. Menu list in grub.
Sample on /dev/sda

cat /boot/grub/custom.cfg

menuentry "Garuda Linux KDE sdb2" {
   insmod ext2
   search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root 3f298951-c31f-4346-b375-8f196e4f54dd
   configfile /@/boot/grub/grub.cfg
menuentry "Garuda Linux-i3wm sdc2" {
   insmod ext2
   search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root e5184591-8247-4ab7-96f7-429fae883f69
   configfile /@/boot/grub/grub.cfg
menuentry "Garuda KDE sdc3" {
   insmod ext2
   search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root d47728b2-8e4c-4667-aad2-35b8c4445055
   configfile /@/boot/grub/grub.cfg
menuentry "Garuda KDE lite sdc4" {
	insmod ext2
    search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root 63091c6c-f02f-452e-bf2e-2d83a04559d2
    configfile /@/boot/grub/grub.cfg
# /etc/default/grub

I'll give it a shot when blood caffeine levels have reached sufficient saturation :slight_smile: I'd be dangerous just now.
I had tried booting from BIOS. I'll try the custom grub route first and see how the partitions are named and see if it's not UUID already (no idea).
Thanks. I knew I was courting fire by trying a 2nd installation of the same distro :0

What seems to work best is to have rEFInd locate the different grub instances, and set up to boot with them. As long as grubx64.efi is located separately, rEFInd can selectively boot them as far as I know...

Right but again

sudo btrfs subvolume list /
[sudo] Passwort für sgs:    
ID 256 gen 7532 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2020-10-08_11-45-35/@
ID 257 gen 8111 top level 5 path @home
ID 366 gen 7962 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2020-10-08_00-09-44/@
ID 367 gen 7527 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2020-10-08_11-34-12/@
ID 368 gen 8110 top level 5 path @
ID 369 gen 7556 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2020-10-08_12-05-36/@
ID 370 gen 7956 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2020-10-08_13-17-10/@
ID 371 gen 7960 top level 5 path timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/2020-10-09_06-15-36/@

LANG=C pacman -Qi grub-btrfs
Name : grub-btrfs
Version : 4.6-1
Description : Include btrfs snapshots in GRUB boot options
Architecture : any
URL : https://github.com/Antynea/grub-btrfs
Licenses : GPL3
Groups : None
Provides : None

Depends On : btrfs-progs grub

Optional Deps : snapper: Snapper support
Required By : None
Optional For : garuda-common-settings performance-tweaks timeshift-autosnap
Conflicts With : None
Replaces : None
Installed Size : 57,19 KiB
Packager : Maxim Baz [email protected]
Build Date : Fr 18 Sep 2020 21:19:57 CEST
Install Date : Do 24 Sep 2020 00:02:19 CEST
Install Reason : Explicitly installed
Install Script : No
Validated By : Signature

Sorry, but I must wail 'help me' again. Refind had apparently no greater success than me picking things from my boot list in the bios, all garuda references end up booting /dev/sdc2 installation. The grub configuration does indeed have the correct UUIDs for the two partition, though it doesn't seem to matter which I choose..I end up in the newer installation.
Ok, what I've found is there is only one entry in /boot/efi/EFI/Garuda, the referenced grubx64.efi. Which as I deduce from above may be my issue. What would be the manual correction for this? Or something else ? (boot up is still holds a number of mysteries for me)
Please note (if it helps make things clearer for me later) my older installation is on sdc5, the newer is sdc2.

I usually refrain from giving advice on multi-boot setups as that's against my religion (I gave up on that almost 20 years ago) .

In this case though I'd listen to @SGS and forget about refind. Not because there's anything wrong with refind, but because you lose the distro's biggest asset that way.

You will lose all the benefits of grub integration with the btrfs snapshots from your boot menu. My advice would be to wipe both systems and reinstall with only one OS/DE.

If you want to experiment with more OS's or DE's save a bit of money for a hotswap dock ($60-100) then use a cheap $20 small SSD to install different OS's. With the price of a drive the same as a couple of Big Mac dinners it's a no-brainer these days. Just juggle cheap disks in a 4 or 6 bay SSD hot swap drive case. It fits in an empty 5.25 drive bay and will simplify your computing greatly.


Ok, I am not really very keen on refind anyway..but was willing to try.
I'll boot off alternate media and fix my first installation and wave goodbye to wayfire (which was a lark). I have a couple of small ssds laying on the desk (because my system is full of larger drives now) so...got part of that solution.
Yes, multiboot is very very messy as is sharing DEs in one distro (though doable). The areas both need improvement (imo).


I have used a hardware based solution for many years and take my word for it, it is the way to go. The costs have come down so much on small SSD's that they're less than a flashdrive now.


Ok, back in i3 partition happily via garuda-chroot,etc.


Glad to hear you got things unscrambled .

You are becoming very proficient with Garuda. It is nice to see you getting better and better at it.


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I still want it to appear at command and do my bidding as I wish after I rub the magic lamp. It continues to balk me in small ways (which is true of most OSes).

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