Chroot Jails vs Virtual box

Hello all,

Virtualization vs Chroot

In past days I have been using Virtual box for trying other distroes and OSes
Due to restrictions in virtual machine drivers i.e NVIDIA cards can't get performance, however minimalistic chroot jail can overcome this issue.

Multiple OSes

I even saw YouTube video on embedded systems like phoneix os inside Ubuntu.
The files inside phoneix iso extracted then, added new entry grub menu then ran it on real hardware [Used grub customizer]. I know for sure besides phoneix chrome and bliss os also can be made like that.

Some solutions

Like wine and anbox works great rather than installing whole os

What to do ?

In future other(s) may ask these question(s) [including me], Exactly what is the best thing to do Virtualization or a single chroot environment to run linux.

Hi there

Took me a couple of reads to figure out what your query is.

What Is chroot jail Used for?

Chroot jail is used to create a limited sandbox for a process to run in. This means a process cannot maliciously change data outside the prescribed directory tree.

Another use for chroot jails is as a substitute for virtual machines. This method is called kernel-level virtualization and requires fewer resources than virtual machines. This operation allows users to create multiple isolated instances on the same system.

I'm going to suggest you do some research first so will point you in a direction


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