Chromium wayland is so laggy compared to firefox

is that normal ?

Are we talking about Ungoogled Chromium, or just Chromium browsers in general?

In the case of Ungoogled Chromium, it seems so. I’ve been using the Wayland flag because of the atrocious Xwayland scaling on HiDPI, and it is definitely a lot laggier when using Street View on Google Maps. I haven’t even bothered to test video sites.
It also takes ages to launch if I don’t run it with my dedicated Nvidia card, which is pretty funny considering all the problems typically had with Nvidia.

Maybe it’s less laggy on Xwayland?

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Lol for me lately no chromium browser even launches without using the --disable-gpu flag before it. Without it the processes will just exist in the background until I kill it.


Yo that flag is good! Chromium runs even faster with it :smiley: no need for sticking my dedicated GPU there hahaha

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