Choosing about window manager

Due to some stupid and unforeseen circumstances i need to go back to windows but i want linux as well. I want linux mostly for development stuff at my University. I was wondering of trying the wm images of gauda. I am new to window manger and want something that is easy to pick and also lite so when dual booting it doesn't hurt my speed else it would be too much frustrating. So i didn't find such information in the downloads So my question in summary:

  1. Which window manger (wm) should i use?
  2. Is it already configured so when i install i have to do less of config?
  3. Is it fast enough to quickly load in dual boot and do my work?
  4. It is even useful for me or you have any other solution ?
    PS: no virutal machines and wsl

Your question(s) suggests the need for a lot more reading on your part. To answer all of your questions in-depth would take a book. I will make one observation for you: Garuda WM images--in fact, most of Garuda images--do most of the configuration chores for you.


Why don't you download some of the ISO images for Garuda WM's you're interested in, burn them to disk and try them out in the live environment.

It is impossible for others to answer this question as only you know your hardware and what meets your likes and needs.

Welcome to Garuda, feel free to look around and kick the tires and take it for a test spin.


Qtile and BSPWM must be comfortable for you because qtile have drop-down menu by click and 1 workspace is reserved out-of-box for floating windows layout. BSPWM is combined with xfce so it might be more easier for you.

But best is as @tbg said try all WMs and choose which suits.