Chaotic AUR speed slow and Libre office Menu Icons not visible

Hello All, I am not able to get proper download speeds from Chaotir AUR. It ranges between 100-300 kbps. I have 100 Mbps connection and normally get very good speeds on AUR. I have checked another post on the forums and in it was telling to # out some of the mirrors chaotic mirrors file. I tried different mirrors, however, speed is same.

Another issue I am facing is that I am not able to see any icons that are present in the libre office all are blacked out due to some theming problem.

I am attaching a screen shot for the same.

Any suggestions on both issues would be helpful.


The LibreOffice issue was answered already, its literally the first thing coming up when searching for LibreOffice here.
Also, for the Chaotic-AUR downloads speeds there is a wiki article which explains how to change mirrors. Thats the only thing you can do to improve speed, might be the amount of people using Garuda these days.
Please, next time before creating a new thread have a look if there is already content available on this particular topic. That saves you and us time for other things :thinking:


Thanks for reply! I am very well aware of the fact that it might be in the forums instead of bothering people on the forums for same topic. Actually, I was not getting proper words I should use to search in the forums and I did try that, however, probably wasn't using right words. If you see I have already tried forums help in the first issue. So, that is why I have posted a discussion. Hope you have a lovely time ahead. One thing to add, One of the best Linux OS I have tried. Great Work! Thanks!

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