Changing kernel

If you don't use the automatic partitioning option and create a separate ext4 /boot partition then this all works fine. (I always create a separate /boot for this reason.)


I use a frankenstein Garuda Linux, as before installation - I used GParted first in order to create ext4 partitions for my / and /home.

Then under Garuda's Calamares installer, I just pointed it to the already existing partition. Basically, I bypassed the mandatory use of BTRFS. This is Linux we're talking about, and I'm a rebel:P

Of course, by doing this I accepted that I'm on my own and Garuda devs will never support me. I already saved an image backup of my garuda install, so that I can possibly continue to use this same setup even if I migrate to a newer computer in the future.

That is a tolerable price to pay to continue using ext4 instead of BTRFS for my OS drive.

I won't touch BTRFS for the rest of my life. I lost tons of data under BTRFS before, and that left a permanent scar in me. I don't trust that FS at all due to the data loss I encountered with it years prior to moving to Garuda.

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I wouldn't touch btrfs until recently. However, it's stability has improved to the point I no longer worry about it's usage for my OS.

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I'm sure no Garuda dev will pay for my data recovery service if I lost data under BTRFS.

I'm on my own, and that is fine with me. Ext4 is my only Linux FS.

I have been touching ( using almost exclusively ) BTRFS for almost 10 years now.

Only time I had issues with it, were when I tried early winbtrfs, and still, no data was lost ( winbtrfs could still mount and access everything, just not linux btrfs ).

So.... just my anecdotal experience of the opposite

Good plan. I went the route again of another Frankenstein collab for my laptop to get ext4. I would have done as you and Jonathon stated, but I was already deep into it. I like the end result and I have control over my grub boot order anyway.