Changing from Gnome to Kde - Changes not updating

Hi, I installed Garuda Gnome and tried changing it to Dr460nized by downloaded and installed Grauda-Dr460nized packages. I can see the kde settings in the application and ~/.kde4/share/config file. But non of the changes are reflecting in the desktop environment. Any ideas on how to make it work?

Hi there, welcome!
I've never tried this type of DE updates.
Theoretically feasible, but always full of pitfalls IMO.
Maybe you could try with the button in the Garuda assistant to reset the default settings.
Or you could even try creating a new user


If non of that works, your best bet is either restore from a snapshot and stay on Gnome, or just download a proper Dr460nized image and install it. Retrospectively installing DEs usually does not end well for me, I always regret it and end up installing something else with the one I wanted out of the box.


you can install garuda dragonised edition by typing

sudo pacman -S garuda-dr460nized

then type


and then click on apply new config


in the gnome login page there is screw like button (sorry i dont have any image )
select plasma - KDE
boom you have it , but still dont get it?

go to system settings

select global themes

select sweetifid plasma

check the 'use desktop layout'

hit apply

u r done

if any problem pls lemme know

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