Changing default shell during installation?!

I' m new, probably this question has been already asked, but i haven't found it.
I m installing KDE dragonized, there is the possibility to change the default shell to zsh, and not install fish at all?



You can switch after installation.

Garuda's editions are curated and opinionated. If you don't want to install the default settings/configuration/applications then you can use the barebones image and build up.


May i ask what the barebones editions provide?
Zram,btrfs,zen kernel?
Any desktop environment? Any dm?

If you want basically the full package, feel free to install it, then change shell and uninstall fish, should be very minor. I doubt fish will leave droppings contaminating your environment forever and ever.

And if it does, remember houseplants like fish emulsion fertilizer.

you can do it via garuda-assistant


Thanks for the tip, also chsh -s /bin/zsh will do.

Yeah that's what those checkboxes do


Sorry, the fact is that to remove fish, i have to remove garuda-dr460nized, which seems not a very good choice.

Read what The Man said.


I ve found no documentation regarding the barebone installation.
No specification, nothing about which packages are included, which services are enabled.
Can i have more insights or i have to figure out myself?

Copy from Garuda download page

Garuda Linux Barebones

Garuda Linux Barebones is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we dont provide any support for Barebones editions!)

Insights on gitlab, and yes, figure out yourself.


If you have no real idea about how things work (not trying to be rude), what is your actual issue with fish? What does another shell better than fish in your opinion?

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What make you thinks that i don't understand how things work?
I just came here to ask if it was possible to remove fish and some answer were not particularly
friendly or correct.

  1. not possible -> wrong answer (it is possible by removing also the pkgs that requires it)
  2. use the gui to change the shell ( but the question was about not using fish)
  3. Just listen to the man.
  4. Yours, you don't understand how things works.

I prefer zsh, cause i'm used to it and have many files of configurations and time invested in configuring it, so i ll rather not change my environment.

I just wanted some insight and documentation on this distro. This seems not very welcomed.
No problem.

I cannot reply anymore, so i write here.
Understanding and knowing are two different things.
Anyway if the documentation for the distro is the arch wiki, i should probably use arch.

No, you ask in headline
Changing default shell during installation?
Answer, it is not possible
Then in posts one, you change to

Yes it is possible.

The documentation is in

Why you ask if you know?

Moved to 412.


Like I said, its not meant as offense.

There is documentation in form of our wiki, some FAQ posts here & the Arch wiki. As Garuda is based on Arch most things work the same - why would we spend time recreating everything which is already present in the Arch wiki? Its a really good source for information, one of the best documentations which exist for Linux distros (also when using other distros). Its also mentioned in the OUR wiki that this is the intention:

The same for barebones btw, its really hard to miss actually:


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