Changing DE issue

I have installed though pacman the awesome package, and it has loaded up no issue with its remarkable speed. But no hotkeys seem to work, and clicking on the provided menu for the terminal does no good.
I have this same issue with gnome.

I have made sure im fully logged out so that its not a case of things being changed in my other session.
I have fiddled with the respective DE's config files, but it shouldnt be that.

any ideas?

Mixing and matching DEs makes for very confusing problems. I've been there. But knowing nothing about awesome, I can't say much.


well i aim not to mix and match :stuck_out_tongue:
rn i just want awesome, so i have the default plasma and awesome, nothing else

Good thought. Set it up to your liking and have fun.

Best ( i.e. least problematic ) way to use multiple DEs is to create separate users for each DE. One user, Multiple DEs can cause theming issues.


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