Change polling rate in Garuda Linux

Hi guys I've tried to install arch linux before and once it success once I tried to gamming on but for for some reason it has double click prevention (I play minecraft) but I already solve that problem and I start to notice another problem which is polling rate when I play minecraft it looks not as smooth as it should on ubuntu or windows and something else any idea how to fix it? I've been trying to find a way to fix it
I tried search
how to change polling rate arch based linux
how to change polling rate linux
but I found no clue about how to do It cause sometimes I tried to read and it said a file that doesn't exist in my pc please help

inxi -Faz ??? as text, please!
Which file?

And welcome :slight_smile:


Are you talking about the polling rate for your mouse?

Yes it can be changed. I have done this on Garuda in the past. Unfortunately, I am out of town with no access to my computer and I cannot remember the config file I used in the past.

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it's fixed now I use piper

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