Centering a window using a key combination

Hello. I'm new to Garuda (just installed a few hours ago), and I'm kind of confused because I can not find any shortcut that would center a window to my screen. Is there any possibility to do such thing?

What I mean by centering is just moving a certain window (be it Dolphin or a game in window mode) to the middle of your current screen (or main screen). I've realized that Linux doesn't really like two different monitor sizes and Garuda seems to not care about me wanting newly opened windows to appear in the center of the screen (or the setting I was changing was for something completely different, which I doubt). Though this might not appear as an issue for some people, there is an issue with a game called Sacred that is always opened in the center, but if you accidentally move it (via window button and LMB, or whatever you call the button in between CTRL and Alt in Garuda), it only moves the INSIDE of the window, so the game window stays in the middle, but the window screen is moved (or if this doesn't really explain it, imagine you opening terminal on an empty desktop and moving it out of bounds - this is basically what the game does, you only see a part of the application). Sometimes the game likes to open with the screen boarders already messed up. This is why such button would be quite important to me.

If I did miss something, feel free to facepalm and tell me where I can find that option (I tend to be blind...). Thank you in advance.

Can i ask are you using two monitor setup?

Yeah I am using two. 1900x1080 (primary) and 1600x900.

and your graphics card?

I don't know why would that even matter, but it's 750 ti.

I've no experience on this but I think this could be solved with a kwin script.
Maybe you could check this


System Settings -> Window Management -> Kwin Scripts
"Get New Scrips…", and find "Move Window to Center"

Meta-C will then center the focused window to the monitor it's on.

*shakes fist at the speed typist @filo* :laughing:


No @Catra.
Maybe I started earlier, but believe me I have noticed many times that you have a gift for conciseness and completeness in your answers!
Maybe the advantage of being a native speaker​:wink::blush:

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What happens when you unplug one of your monitors does everything work ok?

Thanks Filo and Catra! That one's just juicy! Sadly I can't give "solution" tag to both of you, so Filo gets it because he was first :smiley:

Also, I'm really impressed you guys responded THAT fast. Thanks!


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