Can't use live wallpaper

Bro's my pc have "Intel i3 5TH generation 4 GB ram and more than enough space for garuda kde" so than i use live wallpaper and my computer is doing misbehaving my app docker is not showing after 5 min all is normal and me shut down my pc and when i open again this problem is occur so i delete live wallpaper.So my question is my pc have low ram so live wallpaper do not work or there is another settings for live wallpaper Can't use live wallpaper

Your PC specs are the bare minimum for running Garuda . And Garuda KDE is also quiet heavy so using a live wallpaper is not optimal.


It is unclear that how you used live wallpaper.

Is it running fine without live wallpaper?
Also, post your inxi -Faz

On a side note, you can post in your native language in #languages category, if you are not very comfortable in English.

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