Can't run SideFX Houdini

After installing Houdini, the line "source houdini_setup" I get this message.
/houdini_setup_bash (line 50): Unsupported use of '='. In fish, please use 'set d $(which java 2>&1)'.
from sourcing file ./houdini_setup_bash
called on line 15 of file houdini_setup
from sourcing file houdini_setup
.: Error while reading file './houdini_setup_bash'

Self explaining.
Try running it in bash.
The file name houdini_setup_bash clearly means you have to run it in bash.

I'm sorry, I'm new to Linux. How can I run it in "bash"? I find "run bash" in search, but nothing opens.

In the terminal/console, type bash as a command. It will start the bash shell as a program, and you can use it like a terminal/console.

Sorry, didn't mean to sound rude. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to Linux, Arch linux, and Garuda linux!

Garuda linux is based on Arch linux, and is very similar.


Thank you)

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