Can't refresh auth token between browser and app or unable to signin

I'm currently having issues trying to signin to github from vscode.....shows errors same as to jetbrain tool ......
I tried signing in , it directs me to the browser for token then redirect me back to the app then it shows "Unable to refresh Oauth2 token: Bad request" and that of vscode.....Signing in to github has been a pain in the ass...
Please help.....Does t have anything to do with the firewall or ..... i just don't understand

Which browser are you using?

Because I recently signed in in Firefox and had no issue. (Though it was gitlab and git kraken. But that shouldn't matter)

Try Firefox

And welcome to the forums.


I use brave

You are brave, perhaps you should research some of its problems.


Oh, then that's Brave's issue, imo.

Ask on Brave community


I bet it's vscode issue. The initiating application has to send the proper type of authorization requirements.

I get similar issue on an Android app, connecting to github.


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