Cant Open Intrgrated Terminal In VScode

I use the KDE Dragonized Edition in that whenever in vscode I Press the shortcut for integrated terminal . It shows only a blank screen Like so

Even After Setting Default Shell as zsh or fish or even bash it is unable to apply setting and opens the same blank terminal again Screenshot_5
Then Also This shows up when i Press ctrl+`

If any one has a fix or has already encountered a problem kindly let me know of the solution :slight_smile:

I can't replicate your problem, but what is the output of
env | grep TERM
just as a reference for checking...

For example, mine is

β”Œ14:11:08 WD= [~]
└───freebird@nest ─▢$ env | grep TERM

for what it's worth.

Off to check my other Garuda install :grin:

Edit: same results, including perfect operation in VSCode in newer Garuda install. FWIW btw - switched to bash for familiarity reasons...

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