Can't Login Twitch.TV on FireDragon

Does anybody know why I can't login to my account on Twitch with the FireDragon Browser? I just get a "Your browser is not currently supported." error and that it. Tried clearing cache and cookies, disabling add-ons. Streams still play without issue, just can't log in for what ever reason.

IDK twitch but did you check preferences?

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This has been an open issue in Librewolf for a while, over 4 months or so.

The suggested workaround in this issue report is to disable RFP (resist fingerprinting) in a new profile, or use a different browser. Please note, you'll have to clear twitch cookies, as an integrity check for bots sets a week long one.


Unfortunately neither of these suggestion worked. This is such a strange problem, considering that I can login through the normal firefox browser just fine.

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