Can't login stuck in common interrupt

Hey a. Finally had a issue after a long time. I am unable to get to the login screen when I boot it shows the lxqt splash for a sec then goes to the common interrupt no irq handler page which happens on each boot but now it's just stuck there and my computer has freezed

Ok I disabled iommu from grub and now I am stuck on started cups

Edit. Using the lts kernel also ends up getting stuck on terminal Plymouth from memory as starting

Any error messages + inxi please? :eyes:

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Ik Ik i didn't post a inxi but do you really need it? Downloading the iso will finish all of my data for the day and i have a few classes to attend. No errors tho it just gets stuck. Can't even get into tty the computer freezes completely.

I could restore this with timeshift but why did this happen?

Without logs it's sadly only guesses :pensive: I'd say for now, stay without update and try to get some once you have some time and mood for debugging purposes :eyes:

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What do you mean?

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