Can't log into root accouont

Just installed Deepin and when the system boots up I can only log into the ‘Guest’ account not the users account. . . .

Bug? Is there a quick fix?


On the login screen

There is option to change the user

You can change the user then login to your account

And if you dont want guest user

sudo pacman -R systemd-guest-user

I think we wont ship guest user by default from next release


No need for that big a change - it has its uses! If its initial creation forced a different uid, it wouldn’t pop up first on login. Just add -u 1001 on the useradd command to create it…

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Suggest change @freebird54

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Could be:

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/bash -c 'id guest >& /dev/null || useradd -u 1001 -c Guest guest'

which should leave the 1000 uid available for the install user to become the normal default. That should also mean the default ‘first login’ should be the new user name, not Guest - as well as the advantages with eliminating the permission collisions with things like ext4 formatted USB sticks, and shared drives.

Have to admit I haven’t tried it that way yet - but after force changing the Guest account to 1002, and the ‘freebird’ account to 1000, everything works fine here - even if the Guest account is created and destroyed regularly. I suspect that the Guest account would be recreated as 1001 on my working Garuda - but I’ll have to go there to check. It should just default to the next highest uid available, but would, of course, follow the ‘-u’ instruction if created by the modified command.


I am also planning on changing my UID from 1001 to 1000. Sometimes I use auto login and that user is sometimes given 1001. If the ownership is changed to my user on all my drives with UID 1000 does anyone foresee this creating any problems.

I also like to keep all my user accounts with the same name and ID number (1000) for access purposes. I have manually switched these settings before with the 1001 auto login ID, but I never had the complication of the guest account being active and using 1000 before.

Anyone see a problem?

I often swap many ext4 formatted drives amongst computers so this is an issue for myself as well.


In any case from next release we wont be shipping guest user by default

But there is option in garuda welcome for those who want it


No big deal then. I will be doing a reinstall once I have my internet connected and then I may try the Ultimate Edition.


hii there
I have installed deepin but unable to get into my root account its only shows guest account active but the root account is disabled selecting root account is not possible from login screen as well switching user does not help as i cannot acess the root user from login screen..

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