Cant install Garuda KDE dragonized , failed user logind and failed d-bus system message bus

Hi, i am trying install garuda KDE

My pc is this ,
AMD ryzen 2600
AMD rx580
And 16gb RAM

I am stuck on this error

When a try install whith USB boot ,then i chose free drivers option ,and after the grub the screen stop on " starting Plymouth boot screen"
I try to configure BIOS how say the forum ,installing others ISO again but nothing work

Who Can help me ?
I can Talk for discord if you prefers

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Which name has the ISO?
Did you check sha256 sum?

Oops, and


the iso name is : garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-210809
and the sha256 , i dowload it , but what have do with it then ?
Sorry for the questions , i am new on linux , i use ubuntu and now want learn more with garuda
Thanks for the answers

In terminal, IDK which operating system you use???,

sha256sum garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-210809.iso

press enter, result must be

23cc1f6b8616735760cf919642025efde46cb75055522459a6feac0d1d686817  garuda-dr460nized-gaming-linux-zen-210809.iso


If no errors will be found in the checksum, I'm afraid this system could be one of those subject to the amdgpu regressions in kernel 5.13.
At that time, I remember people facing this problem with an upgrade, managed to solve it booting to a TTY and installing either linux-lts or linux-mainline, but I have no idea how this can be addressed from a live USB.
I hope someone else can help (or, of course, this could be a different problem, especially a checksum error :wink:).


i use Win10 , i try do it in the terminal of rufus and is same the result

As a temporary test (until a different solution is found), you could burn an ISO with Garuda XFCE (which if I remember correctly comes with linux-lts) and see if it starts


I try with xfce version and have the same error , but now IS freeze on " started user login management " in the same screen

What exact methods or tools are you using to create the LiveISO? Rufus should generally be avoided, and Ubuntu's tool main won't work for Arch-based.

Either use the 'dd' command or use a tool that is known good. Here's the Garuda Wiki instructions.
Installation instructions | Garuda Linux wiki


I used balena but i try with rufus too

I used balena, rufus and ventoy but same error all time :sob:

Fast boot and secure boot are disabled?


i have the same problem with rufus :confused:

Welcome to the forum.

Maybe there is the possibility that you open a separate topic in which you then write what you have tried so far to solve the problem. Also which ISO you want to use for the installation and so on.

It is no use if several people post here with the supposed same problem, there is only a confusion.

Also, trying to hijack a topic is not very popular to put it nicely :slight_smile:

But if it should have been only a brief comment from you and you only want to read along here I have said nothing. :smiley:


Hi ,sorry for no write in this time ,
Yes i have disabled secure boot and fast boot

Try Garuda KDE Barebones, please, to check if it is a kernel problem.


Hi , i try with kde barebones and i can install It at perfection at first try ,all perfect .
So the problem is the kernel of KDE dragonized? What is the next stept ?
Thank for the good support

I still believe this could be a case of incompatibility of some AMD GPUs with kernel 5.13.
In my opinion, you could try again with the latest builds, currently set to 5.14.2 where this problem is solved.
Please, team/devs let me know if this (use a current build) is wrong/unsupported.
Just an idea ...

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Hi, i try to install the new iso of the link , and works perfect , so the problem is the kernel.
Now , i have use this build or have do other step?
Thank for support team is very good and help us all time

Thx :slight_smile:

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Carry on with it! :wink:

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