Cant install "Add/Remove Software" from "Garuda Welcome" in Garuda Linux Barebones version

i installed Garuda barebones in my pc, which was my first Linux OS. I installed kde daganoide in my VM before , but felt it was bloated so preferred barebones version.
After installing all the programs from "Garuda welcome" found only "Add/Remove Software " is not installing(terminal not even opened) when i click on it. I tried refreshing the database using sudo pacman -Syu and read all posts in the forum about this problem, but still found no solution.
I think link to transfer comment to the terminal is broken and can be fixed by downloading package directly from repository .

Can some one send me the commend in terminal to "Add/Remove Software" packages??

I am a newbie in Linux and don't know above way can solve the problem...If it doesn't work can some one find me a solution with this ????

Santosh .K. Sanapala.

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Be aware they don't give support for the barebones edition. That being said, Add/Remove Software is the Octopi program, all that does is install/start Octopi


If you are new to Linux and something isn't installing on a fresh install, you probably just did a system update and haven't restarted yet.

Also, if you are new to Linux, you probably shouldn't go barebones and not have support.


i found the solution :innocent: :grin: thanks to this video

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i already tried KDE Dr460nized ....but its not my likening....i loved KDE , so i stated with barebones to upgrade it to KDE ......i treid to remove all the bloatware in Dr460nized version, but still its not as optimized as i needed.

Either way, you picked the version meant for advanced users, there are other more lightweight versions of garuda linux you could have chosen but you jumped straight into the deep end, so sink or swim.
From the Download page:

Garuda Linux Barebones is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we dont provide any support for Barebones editions!)





sh*t . ..I don't know about this support thing....just now realized it. .. i fell in love with KDE plasma 5 without Dr460nized theme.... what can i do now???? :sob: :sob: i cant remove Dr460nized them fully, it comes back again when i change to dark theme :confounded:

If you like pamac install manjaro KDE :slight_smile:
What is bloat for one is essential for the next.
And what the developers especially like is that all their work and effort, as well as the free provision, is simply dismissed with bloat.

It is also not recommended because it can lead to errors that do not occur in the live ISO or installed on hard disk.


:sweat_smile: i mean Bloated :upside_down_face: