Can't format Usb drive with Garuda

Hello, I’m getting mad.
I can’t format my pendrive with the installation of garuda. I can’t delete files/format/delete partitions or any modify. I’ve tried all things… pls help :frowning:

You need to be more specific about what you are trying to do and what you have tried. “I tried all things” doesn’t convey any information except that you are frustrated.

Try to list out each thing you tried with as much detail as possible.

  • I tried this method;
  • Here are the exact steps I followed;
  • Here is what happened.

yeah i would say right to @BluishHumility =)

If you use KDE Desktop Enviroments software KDE Partition Manager and it works ever only i had a USB Stick was broke then it cant do.Also your garuda-inxi is missing by the way.

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