Can't find package

why do I get an error: target not found when I sudo pacman -S cpupower-gui. The package is in the AUR.

You have to use Pamac to install the packages in AUR, except the ones in Chaotic AUR packages.

For cpupower-gui, use

sudo pamac install cpupower-gui

** (pamac:104523): WARNING **: 18:47:40.565: aur.vala:60: :1:1: Parse error: unexpected character `<', e
xpected value
Failed to query[]=cpupower-gui from AUR
Error: target not found: cpupower-gui

Pamac was causing issues on the aur server and was shut down yesterday. I believe it's still down. However, if you have yay installed or another aur helper you should have no issues.

yay -S cpupower-gui

Hello all.Since yesterday, no AUR packages have been displayed in pamac (Garuda KDE).
Manjaro KDE is installed on another PC...exactly the same problem there...I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Arch laid the boots to pamac as it was jackhammering their servers.

You can install and use Octopi or Discover if you are KDE users and can't get by without a GUI. Octopi requires Trizen to be installed to use the AUR.

I would however recommend learning how to use the terminal with yay, paru, or trizen during this pamac service disruption.


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