Can't close/rearrange windows in full screen that are not on the primary display

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I use multiple displays in my setup. Whenever I maximize a window to full screen on a display that is not
my primary display, I've ran into the issue that I can't find a way to close or rearrange the window. The close and min/max buttons are moving to the top bar when maximizing, but there is no top bar on these other screens. Therefore I cant "normally" close the window. There is also no way of moving these windows, because I can't select the title bar and drag them around.

I've tried duplicating the primary display top bar (latte) to the other screens, but this does not give the desired output. The close min/max buttons appear on the primary screen, while my selected window is not on the primary window.

What can I do to create a feeling that is like the primary window on my other windows?

I'm on Dr460gonized KDE plasma 5.21.5.

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Feature or bug in KDE??? IDK

For that use Mod key (aka M$-key) press left key and hold, with the mouse on top "bar" and move mouse down, scale window with mod + right mouse button.
I can't better explain, I have same on my one monitor workplace with Blender app and others.


I did not know about the mod key, thank you! I don't need the extra bar now.

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