Can't change kernel

I wanted to install the linux-tkg-bmq-zen2 kernel through the Garuda settings manager but it says that the files are already owned by linux-tkg-bmq, the kernel which is running at the moment. linux-tkg-bmq-zen2 is the only kernel that the settings manager won't let me install.
So i figured out that maybe i needed to first start the machine with another kernel and then install linux-tkg-bmq-zen2, but if i do the system won't boot.
When the machine starts, grub starts and i can select which kernel i want to use, but if i select anything other than the standard linux-tkg-bmq the system won't boot up.
I get the ususal "common interrupt: no irq handler for vector" error that i usually get with custom kernels but it stops there and doesn't boot up, while with linux-tkg-bmq the error occurs but the system works fine.
This phenomenon also happens with the "linux" kernel in the settings manager. Should i just stick with linux-tkg-bmq?

Well you should only install one varient

Either linux-tkg-bmq

or linux-tkg-bmq-*

As they are one and the same kernel


When I did the update for the kernels, at the very end, it locked up my computer. My normal kernel is still being run, how do i change from one kernel to the other. Sorry, but I have never switched kernels.
So just a newbie...


Use advanced in grub and choose your kernel.


Thank you for the tip.

How do you make the change of kernel persistent at the next reboot?

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That isn't currently possible using grub with btrfs as there is bug that prevents the setting from sticking. If you install with a separate ext2 or ext3 /boot partition then it should be possible. Otherwise it's not doable.


I see, sorry. Zen seems to be working nicely too, so it's all good.

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