Can't boot into garuda

I've installed Garuda linux in my macbook Pro 2017 without touchbar. After installing it as my main OS. I can't boot into garuda. No bootloader is showing.. can you help me with this...?

Research Archwiki for Mac specific issues.
Try something, we don't have Mac to test your issues.
Or send us a Mac for a gift, to test Garuda better.

Please, don't ask general questions. Ask specifically, after having done a sensible troubleshooting effort.

Welcome to Garuda Linux!


No Mac necessary works great for me (Late 2012 MBP) :rofl:

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The age difference of the models make your comment beyond rediculous on this technical help thread. While there is no big harm in kidding around or idle chit chat on a technical help request after the issue is resolved, until then it is simply being disruptive.

As you recieved a caution yesterday from a mod/dev about your posting behavior and you are not responding to that I will start escalating actions if you continue this disruptive behavior.

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Try this @LetMeHackYou, but Linux is not originally built to run on proprietary hardware that has been meticulously customized to run with it’s own proprietary software (Like Apple MacBooks).

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Please do not necrobump old abandoned technical help requests.