Cannot install Garudalinux through usb

So I tried to boot Garuda from usb but all I get is blank screen with cursor blinking. Wanted to switch from windows to Linux. I did follow as per instructions on the wiki page, nothing helped!
All its showing is

GRUB _ (cursor blinking)

Can you list the exact steps you followed to create the USB installation medium and how you prepared your system?


Disabled fastboot
Sata controller to ahci mode

Boot mode - legacy

Downloaded the iso - torrent
Balena etcher to flash

Do you have UEFI BIOS?


It was first set to UEFI. But it didn't show bootable usb option, so changed it to legacy mode

Have you disabled secure boot also?
Checksum verified?

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Yes secure boot disabled.
How do you verify checksum?

Search on the internet, I guess you are still on windows.
E.g., just quickly checking in the forum......

Ok I have verified the the checksum.

A new problem!

I did skip the validation part on balena etcher so now when I do it again with validation it says flash failed !

Error: checksum doesn't match for range [0, 2644822015]

The checksum is correct I did verify.

I have used Rufus before, somewhere i read not to use Rufus so switched to balena

Maybe try with Ventoy.
First in UEFI mode. That would be better.


No luck!
"Error installation"

Then generated vtsi file
Installed that through Rufus

That created two partitions

  1. 124 gb primary partition
  2. Some 30 mb partition

But cannot move the iso into partition
Says cannot open the drive -- raw format

And even cannot convert partition into other format NTFS/exfat ...

Use Ventoy, work with win.
Copy ISO to Ventoy.

Boot from USB


And maybe use another USB. You never can say...


Hey guys!

Used another USB - Ventoy - installed Garuda​:raised_hands:

The usb was a issue I suppose
Anyways thanks!!


+1 for Ventoy... such a great piece of software for having multiple isos to boot from with 1 flash drive.


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