Cannot install Garuda

Hi everyone,
My issue is that I cannot install Garuda on my PC.
I cannot even reach the live usb environment.
I reach the GRUB menu and as soon as I select the video driver option my system hangs.
The motherboard (asus x470 crosshair hero vii wifi) gives error code 8 (System Agent initialization after microcode loading).
Disabled secure boot and fast boot.
Tried different usb sticks and removing all peripherals except keyboard and mouse.
Any ideas?
System is:

have you updated your bios?

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Thank you for your reply. Yes I updated to the latest version

did you use ventoy to burn your usb stick?


No, I burned using Rufus on a Win machine

Don't. Just don't. Rufus can be evil if not used correctly.

Install Ventoy--there's even a Windows version--then drag 'n' drop the latest Garuda ISO onto the USB stick.


will try this and report back, thank you

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tried this but the behavior remained the same unfortunately, thank you for the suggestion though

Cool. It's not that Rufus is worthless, it is just that it is a know problem-child within the Linux community. When anyone that's used Linux for awhile--especially Arch--the name Rufus immediately sets off a bright red warning flag.

Once you eliminate Rufus from the equation, we can start again. If necessary.


noted, thanks

Don't. Select free drivers if you aren't doing that now. I don't have AMD, ASUS or Nvidia stuff, so that may be a bit problemmatic. But others users here do.

Bet bet is to hang for a bit so they can reply. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Chase this error message.

Have you tried disabling peripherals in the BIOS such as the sound card, wifi, virtualization etc. I'd try booting again with just the Gb NIC enabled and not much else.

Then if that works, switch things back on 1 by 1 until the culprit is identified.

I use an X570 MAG motherboard and the built in audio caused me lots of grief


He has an AMD GPU, see original post :slight_smile:


that is what I select, also tried the nvidia option just in case but no luck. thank you

Thanks. Modified post. Still, the user needs a hand-off to someone that does (run AMD).

I have not, but will give it a try. thank you

"No luck" means what? It won't boot? It won't install? What? Don't be so damned secretive. Nobody here is going to play "20 Questions" with you.

A "garuda-inxi" results (or whatever the kids use now), needs outputted. If you can boot into a current Garuda dr460nized ISO, there's a helper page that already shows that info. All you would need to do is a copy/paste. Hardware-specifics can be a real time-saver.

it means it still hangs and mobo gives error code 8 as before. I cannot get in the live environment so I cannot provide a garuda-inxi. thank you

And your research on the web says that error code means what?

Ahh, the motherboard gives Qcode 8? What's the sequence of codes before it?

eg, 15 -> 67 -> 22 -> 3b -> 4f -> 8